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"Global Identity" is a multimedia project about cultural identity, and consist of three parts: video, visualized data and print.

Inspired through my experience in London, New York and Berlin and the vast levels of multi cultural individuals that blend to form these great cities and unique neighborhoods, I derived a project about individuals from different cultures. I would like to comprehend how they see themselves as individuals, how they see their culture, their social environment as well as foreign cultures. In the longterm the project aims to identify whether globalization and the inter linking of cultures will create a global culture one day or if cultures will remain independent through globalization.

1. Video:

People of various cultural backgrounds currently residing in London were interviewed. The Interviewees gave statements about their own values in life, their traditions and points of views. All the interviews are displayed on this website. Please choose people or topics you are interested in and start browsing through the cultural mix of our world.

2. Data:

The second part of the project consists of an online survey about cultural identity. People from all over the world are called to participate in the project by filling out the survey. It contains about 30 questions regarding the topics 'Personal Data', 'Social Field', 'Social Perception' and 'Self Perception'.

The results of the survey were digitally visualized in an abstract way so that different cultures can now be cross compared on a visual basis. The data is not representative yet due to the fact that more participants are needed. Nevertheless you can have a look, see new things or cross compare different nations. If you didn't fill out the survey yet, you are more than welcome to do it now. It will take approx. 10 minutes and you will help to accomplish the project. The more participants the more detailed and interesting the data visualization.

There is no time limit for this project and the collected data will be analyzed from time to time.

3. Magazine:

The third and last part for now is a print magazine which displays and explains relevant parts and steps of the project. On one hand the magazine is meant to archive the current state of the project from time to time and on the other hand it offers background information about topic and project. It will be the connecting media between the survey (mass) and the individual interviews. Readers can get some more detailed information about the data, the visualization model as well as the Interviewees.

The first issue will be out in spring 2011.

If the project sounds interesting to you, please support us by forwarding the link to all your friends and those who might be interested in the project.

Thank you.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at any time:

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